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Important News!

If you cannot see the product images on our site at the moment, please read the latest newsletter - HERE

We recently had some attempted hacking attacks that have placed our product images folder on a phishing list, literally just our product images folder, it's very annoying and will go away as soon as the phishing list updates as the site is completely secure but if you want to see the images in the meantime please follow the instructions in the newsletter.

Thanks :)



New Newsletter! - HERE

Super Summer Challenge, New Releases in both Metal and Resin and Accessory Restocks!


I'm struggling with a botu of insomnia at the moment, which is impacting certain parts of the job. Jenn has the orders under control but everything else will be a little slow until i inevitable fall unconscious for a day and recover :) Your pateince is appreciated.


Okay, normal service 'Wednesday', as we're struggling through the sniffles we got during our break (Watching an outdoor film in the rain). Orders are going out but emails etc will be tomorrow night at the earliest.


Away today and the weekend (short break), Normal service resumed Monday :)


Gourmet Gaming Snacks!

Spice up your gaming sessions with some jerky, fruit leathers or boozy marzipans! All right HERE.

Hasslefree Miniatures

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