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We're Closed for Mail!

Anything ordered between now and the 9th January when we re-open the office is not guaranteed to be posted until then. Some mail will almost certainly go out as there's no way I can last that long without working but we have to put this here to avoid complaints :D

Happy Holidays everyone, we'll be back for a Christmas Announcement shortly.



Dameon/Artemis is in for minor surgery (nothing life threatening, don't worry). Emails, PM's etc will resume in a couple of days.

Missing orders are till being dealt with, huge bags have gone to the PO already as Jenn is on top of those :)

Slight Edit as of the 8th - Dameon went back in for an emergency follow up, nothing major but he's in pain and on medication, may take an extra day or two.


Missing a Black Friday Order?

Some Black Friday orders have pushed into next week. Our resin casters have had a very serious family matter to deal with which has had a knock on effect, even to orders that don't have resiN in them.

No need to worry or anything, they'll just be an extra couple of days.

We appreciate your patience :)  

(We'll also be looking forward to a nice rest once these promotions are all dealt with! :D)



Missing a Halloween Order?

We still haven't sorted through the giant pile of despatch emails, so no need to worry if you haven't got one yet, we're contacting people individually if there's an issue with their order for any reason.

The Post Office is 1 woman down and working through the 600 orders we dropped off like a lazy Santa Claus.  If you haven't received a 'Your order has a problem' e-mail either now or in the next day or two then your order doesn't have a problem and is on it's way :)

(As a side note, I forgot to put in the last email that if your order qualified for a goody bag then it went in the final batch,  they were slightly more complicated so we picked them all together).

Everything's fine! Don't panic :D

(Oh, and don't message Kev, he's in a different country and will just be grumpy)



Hey Guys!

Bags of orders from the Halloween Promotion have been delivered to the PO. They are a small village PO, as we mention at times like this, so just rocking up with hundreds of sale sized orders does give them a headache but they do get through them :) So if you do have a despatch email or are in the Uk and just worrying in general then your order is likely in one of those mailbags waiting for a very overworked lady to process it for you!

If you haven't got a despatch email yet, no need to worry, we're doign those last. Give it until the end of this week and if you don't have a despatch email by then then please contact us on bwartemis at gmail dot com, cos something's probably gone wrong :D

Other than that, regular orders are also going out as normal, we're almost up to date on those too.

Last note - Email replies are currently slow as molasses. Combo of me being ill and my working time being ut towards helping with the catchup. You can FB message us though and those are quicker to get replies as I can sort them on my phone wherever I happen to be :)

Thanks :)



We're Back from Belgium!

Right, back to work! Slight delays to that today with the whole impending Apocalypse thing but we are on it and I'll be catching up on queries and emails etc throughout the evening. Mail has started to be sorted and will be going out for the rest of the week and throughout the weekend.

Our next big goal is to get as much back in stock, especially long broken miniatures, for Christmas. Which means moulds have to go off over the next fortnight pretty continually.

We have some big plans for the New year but we'd like to make sure as much is possible is fixed from our existing range before we blast off the pretty major expansion plans we have just behind the curtain

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