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Okay, scrap the back to normal part :)

Postage is delayed still, after we announced the new releases we have basically been pililgn orders on top of existing orders. Our local Post Office may murder us in our sleep soon.

Hopefully it'll get back to normal by week's end, we are keepin an eye on it but if your order is needed in a rush then please let us know.



Almost back to normal!

The Drop & Go related backlog is almost dealt with by the PO, the're never a fan of having multiple mailbags to sort at once :)  By next week we shoudl be back to regular service. 

There'll be a newsletter on Sunday with new releases in!  And they'll be in both resin and metal! Salute prep is well underway too and we'll drop a note in about that at the same time. Cya then :)



Hey Everyone.

Slight delay in some orders, the 'drop and go' system brok again. Meaning a bag or two of orders backed up while we weren't available to manually pay for things (Due to my birthday, below)>

All sorted now though, shouldn't experience more than 3 or 4 days delay :)



It's My Birthday! :)

So I am taking the day off, I shall be back to work on Friday morning.



Hey Everyone

The internet is down here, engineer coming on Friday. We can still access orders etc. (Using my phone as a router) but it does make things a little more difficult, especially for updating our Facebook page and the like.

Service is normal other than that :)



Just to add to our woes, Jenn is down with the adenovirus that's sweeping Wales.

Normal orders are going out fine, back orders andissues are going out slowly (with approporiate freebies for the delay).

We'll handle it :)

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