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The Great Halloween 2016 Sale!

From now until the 5th November, Bonfire Night, we are running our big 2016 promotion. More details HERE.

Please note: If you are awaiting an order or an email reply, this sale is allowing us to close and catch up on all oustanding issues. If you need to get a hold of us in a hurry then please use bwartemis at gmail dot com. Thanks, and apologies for any inconvenience!



We're Closed for Mail!

Please sign up for our newsletter on the right there to find out more details (next newsletter Wednesday), but we are closed for mail for a couple of weeks.

Wednesday's newsletter has the, good, reason why :)

Any orders already in will be resolved, and will also have a 'sorry you missed the reason' in with them ;)

We need a bit of breathing room to catch back up after the flu, the Kickstarter and now me having to live at the unit because my bathroom doesn't currently exist :D We'll likely be back to normal service starting in November. Like I said, check out Wednesday's newsletter!

Did I mention the newsletter?

(Delayed until Thursday, when I can move back home!)



Kickstarter Success!

We funded and our Kickstarter is now over.

As seems normal in our recent rollercoaster of good/bad news, it comes just as I have had  a bit of a house emergency. Our bathroom has broken (water damage, floorboards etc). Normally this wouldn't be an issue as jenn woudljust handle the unit-based work 'but' she's off to the States to a pre-booked family gathering, leaving me to deal with the bathroom.

Any orders delayed by thi past 7 days, as pers our normal delay policy, will have some compensation included in their envelope/box :)

Short term help has been summoned and starts next monday, that should just catch us back up pretty quickly. Everyone cross their fingers for regular service! You can keep up to date with such happenings on our Fb page, which 'should' be in a box to the right of this news.



Kickstarter Ahead!

We have a Kickstarter ending this week, so things are going to be a couple of days slower than usual. We're back to normal from next Monday and lots of you won't notice the difference but we like to let people know these things :)



Might be an odd thing to smile about but I have now lost track of the people who don't know, so it's a bit of gallows humour.

We know some orders are late, we are catching up quite quickly now the drugs have kicked in. Some people will get their orders before their despatch notifications (which are manual). We should be all caught up this week.

Jenn has been down for almost two weeks and me over a week, it has trashed our schedule. It's just temporary though and we are back on track, as mentioned, now. Our apologies if you haven't got a reply to an email during this time, i will be going back through them and replying regardless of whether you have already received your order :)



So, in a turn of events that should surprise nobody, I now also have the flu. We're working through the backlog though, just a lil slower and more miserably :)

Bear with us!

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