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HFMASTER D200 Resin Master - Yevrah

HFMASTER D200 Resin Master - Yevrah

Yevrah Natow, Ogresbane, Clan Leader of the Darksteel Forge. This fearsome, Dark Dwarf is fully armed in Darksteel plate and chain complete with a striking, rune-encrusted, belly plate. Armed with a runic broadsword and wearing a wolfskin cloak he's stands ready for his next challenge.

This is a Limited Edition Resin 'Master Casting' of Yevrah, the standard white metal version can be found below. These Master Castings are strictly limited to however many we can get out of the Master Mould before it deteriorates, in some cases that will only be a few, in others we may even make it into double digits. These are about as limited as limited gets and are the closest thing to Kev's original green as possible so hold the highest level of detail available.

Kev White

12.28 grams

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Price £10.00 +VAT 

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