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2021 Summer Sale!

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Important Announcement

Delays are currently happening due to a recurrence of a condition I have. I have been in the hospital and am currently on strong painkiller so very drowsy for a lot of the day. We do have temp help in for orders so they are going out but paperwork (like despatch emails) and communication is slow.

More info here - Newsletter

Thank you for your patience :)



Cold Weather Delays

Hi Everyone, slight delays going on here at HF Headquarters due to a Welsh cold snap leaving the warehouse (Which is on a particularly cold elevated hill) at near freezing temperatures. Indoors, not out :)

We are still working, but it is literally zero degrees in the outer edges of the warehouse and even the packing desk is at 1 or 2 degrees in the day. So with the combo of that and the lockdown, everything is a tad slow here, we appreciate your patience. 

Outside of that, nothing is wrong, nobody is sick etc. literally just too cold to do some jobs for very long at a time. Try packing metal minis, which means no gloves, in 1 degree weather for an hr and trust me, you'd understand :D

Hopefully back to normal shortly and the weather hasn't affected our release schedule so more releases, metal and resin, expected this month too. We 'should' be looking at metal and resin releases every motnh of the year barring disaster.



Merry Christmas Everyone!

Our Christmas Newsletter is HERE.

Opening Hours, Free Minis, News etc. :)



Halloween Fulfillment Newsletter



We are closed for mail for Halloween Break

We will reopen on November the 2nd (Edit, now the 9th). We will catch up on orders taken during the break as soon as possible :)


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