About Us

Welcome to our little world. I hope what is written below will give you some idea of who we are and what we do but if you have any questions please feel free to email us.

Kev and Sal (The Whites) established Hasslefree Miniatures with Kev as a sole trader back in January 2004 when their youngest daughter Megan was only 5 months old. They added a 4th child in 2007 and built HF steadily through this chaos. Megan is now at University and the youngest Luke is doing GCSE’s and has a career in game design on the cards.

‘Kev’ is Kevin James White, an established sculptor of over 30 years within the miniatures industry who has worked for pretty much every big name in the Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniature world.

‘Sal’ is Sally White, Kev’s wife, also known online as ‘Mrs H’ and ‘Libertee’. Sally has a background in design and went to University in Portsmouth.

What HF has become is the result of Kev’s love for sculpting and Sal’s OCD for organising things and her creative mind.

In 2012, Sal’s ongoing battle with ME and it’s side effects were taking a toll on her working hours and Dameon was brought in to help out. Dameon has been in the industry for 30 years himself, on the retail and game design side, and is known online (and amusingly at trade shows) by his business name ‘Artemis Black’.

The main HF office is currently in Caerphilly, Wales which is where Dameon works. All orders are processed/packed/shipped from there. We do produce some products in-house but mainly use contract white metal and resin casters to support our ranges.

Sally works out of the home office, in Derbyshire. She is currently working on new products in Zbrush and Illustrator alongside handling initial communications.

What you see now is the culmination of a lot of hard work not just by Kev and Sal over the years but also from the many friends who supported and helped them. HF’s first presence online was down to Inge Jensen (Jenova) who hosted us on her site for a year until Tony Stapells (www.Stapells.com) built the first proper e-commerce site.

We primarily manufacture ’30mm’ fantasy and sci-fi figures. We work to a ‘true’ 30mm scale and not a ‘heroic’ scale which means that approximately a 5’10” tall man (average height) would be 32mm to top of his head (Some scales, particularly older military ones, measure to the eye, hence the 30mm reference). Kev sculpted in correct proportions as opposed to any heroic style of proportion this means that our miniatures can vary in ‘height but still match each other in ‘scale’, which is by far the most important part of matching miniature ranges.

We also use freelance sculptors to boost our ranges and on each catalogue page the sculpt is credited to who made it.

Our figures are highly detailed and suitable for painting, collecting or gaming. We supply castings in both white metal and resin with resin figures being marked as such on the website.

Our initial philosophy was to provide fast and efficient service (sometimes even with a smile!). Sometimes ‘life’ slows things down but we always bounce back. We’re all quite old fashioned and feel that there is nothing wrong with courtesy and remembering that it is the customer that is important.

Barring illness or holiday, e-mail accounts are monitored daily (Monday through Friday, weekends are just a bonus!) and we aim to answer all mail as speedily as possible, however sometimes things happen beyond our control or mistakes sneak through our armour so if you are waiting for a response after 48 hours please feel free to re-send your e-mail.

Our office/workshop premises is based at Unit 21 Greenway Workshops, Bedwas House Industrial Estate, bedwas, Caerphilly. CF83 8HW

Telephone number: 02920 888639

We do not operate a walk-in shop and are not set up for just ‘popping in’. If, however, you are in the area and want to collect something to save on postage then drop us an e-mail or give us a ring and we can let you know if there is a good time to do so.

Although Kev now works full-time for Games Workshop as a sculptor his time as founder of HF meant he was able to make what he wanted and how he wanted to make it and not worry about trying to fill someone else’s design brief. Along with the designs from our freelance sculptors, this has led to the diversity of figures we currently sell.