40mm Kalee – Armoured Set (resin)

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This gorgeous female is a 40mm version of Kalee, our popular fantasy warrioress of Chaos. There are already two versions of her in metal in the Fantasy Humans plus also as a Fantasy Football character.
Kev has a mastery (and love!) of the female form and this shows in the care taken with this lady. His attention to detail and skills as a sculptor enable her to be assembled as a sculpture for display with minimum preparation and no painting at all, an excellent option if you feel daunted by the thought of applying paint to her but want to possess her for your collection. However if painting is what you love then she will proudly grace your painting table and display cabinet, showing your skills to their full advantage.
Supplied as a single body with 7 additional components. Two head options, bare-headed and helmeted. The two right hand weapon options are a living axe and a sword while the two left hand options are a severed head plus a multi-function fighting shield. Lastly there is a sheathed short-sword which fixes to her belt on her left hip.
The full set is also available with an unarmoured body, seen below, a multi-pack with both bodies and all the options and you can also pick your own options by assembling her individually (Or even buying the options alone for other 40mm females!)
Don’t say we don’t offer you choices 😉

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