HFH120 Azura Halfblood

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Azura , the Halfblood Sorceress. As a girl she hid the only visible signs of her mixed heritage with her long hair but now she flaunts them, amongst other things. Few know the story of what happened to the shy girl from a small town outside of the Violet Wood but as an adult she is known as being completely unpredictable. A wielder of magicks old and new, light and dark, even her sorcery is of a dual nature. If you’re wondering why she’s a human code and not an elf, it’s because she’s meant to look more human than elf. Easily useable as both, a swift file gets rid of the points on her ears if you prefer her without the halfblood parts 🙂
Please note: this is a metal listing, resin image used as placeholder until metal photo ready.

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