Chrome steel balls 2mm diameter

£2.50 +VAT

Sold in packs of approximately 100 balls. Most of the sizes actually have more than 100 balls as when we weigh them out to pack them we always add an extra 10% so that we don’t sell you short. They have a variety of uses including rivets, cannon balls, orbs. Kev uses these a lot when sculpting as locating plugs for arms/heads/legs. He also uses them when he needs a perfect sphere but cant be bothered with the effort of sculpting it. He uses them as eyes for his various beasties and then sculpts eye lids over the top of them. These hardened Chrome steel balls are attracted to magnets so could be used to fill in the irregular underside of a large base if you want to them use magnetic sheet to hold it in place. IF there is a size youw ant but we dont currently stock them let us know as we can ususally get stock in with a few days notice.

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