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Coat D’arms is a water based, acrylic, paint range designed and made specifically for miniature painting.

For those of you who are slightly longer in the tooth you may recognise the colours and bottles as they are the same as the original Games Workshop paints before GW switched to a different supplier and hexagonal bottle style (and then recently changed again).

GW paint is currently £2.75 for 12ml so as well as being widely regarded as one of the best paint ranges available, CDA is incredibly good value as each pot contains 18ml – a full 50% more than the GW pots – for ~25% less cost!

CDA paints also share a strong similarity with Privateer Press’s P3 range and Foundry’s paint range as they are all manufactured by the same paint manufacturer so they mix very well with either of those ranges, as well as with any acrylic range in general.

There are a total of 250 colours in the range if you include washes, inks, metallics and a couple of varnishes and primers so we have started off with a good variety of colours and will be adding more with each restock.

We’ve attempted above to gather information to allow you to make comparisons with both the old GW range and the new range, if you find any glaring errors please let us know.

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