HFZ217 Dynamic Deth & Taxxis

£16.67 +VAT

Taxxis is seen here riding a slightly resculpted Deth in a whole new way from the original, trollsurfing style. Armed with a death’s head staff and a, partly disembowelled, angry undead troll.
This is one of our first “modeller’s kits.” We’ve chosen to describe it that way as it requires a little more skill to assemble than usual, especially the chain (or whatever you choose to use instead of the included chain, I used a strip of leather from my bitz box because I’m lazy and it looked pretty good :D, you could also use a simple peice of string ) This is the latest in a fairly extensive line of variants, it might even make our resident, barely-clothed, necromancer (Is there a necromanceress type word?) our most sculpted character. (Comes in 6 parts, Deth, Deth’s head, Taxxis, her two arms and a length of chain. Supplied with a 50mm base. Deth is around 40mm to the top of the saddle, total height ~70mm!)

Please note: Image is of a resin miniature, listing is for the metal. This note will be removed when metal image is uploaded.

Available on back-order

Due in 3 Weeks