Grymn Walker Multi (& Free Pilot) (resin)

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At last, a vehicle for the Grymn. This variant has the sealed closed cockpit. It is a single-man heavy weapons platform combining the mobility of the human form with the armour of a tank.
Height – 50mm (with guns horizontal). Width – 45mm (from outer surface of gunshield to outer surface of the other gunshield) Depth – 40mm (the length of the weapons) The cabin has a depth of 28mm. Posing will affect the dimensions but in a face forward standing pose with weapons set to horizontal, the dimensions are as above.
Cast by Grey Matter Figures in a pale grey resin, it is supplied as the following components that will need assembling:
2 x weapons shields ( 1 for each weapon), 1 x cockpit, 2 x legs, 1 x pelvis, 2 x weapon arms (1 x double mini-gun and 1 x railgun)
There are 2 leg variants for this closed cockpit is leaning with the right foot and one is leaning with the left foot…but due to the articulation (ball/socket) joints in the pelvis the legs can be posed in a variety of angles to suit your needs. This pack contains one of each of the leg variants.
This is the bonus multi-pack of this item. With each Mutli pacj purchase you will get a free copy of a standing pilot. The pilots are also available to purchase as separate figure codes as shown below.

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