Isambard Kevinicus Brunel

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The galaxy’s foremost engineering genius. Last known to be employed designing and constructing of some of the largest space-going vessels ever known to Grymnkind; it is rumoured he is currently building an interplanetary bridge out of nothing but cast iron and rivets the size of Ogrymn!!
Sculpted by Keeper40k.
The ‘Dress a Kev’ range are from a sculpting competition we oepend to our fans. They have been sculpted by amateur, semi-pro and professional sculptors. They are all ‘very’ short, please keep that in mind, the height of the armature used was 26mm to top of head (It was meant as a joke against Kev who is vertically challenged). Therefore they are best used as either a very short man or a teenage boy with a shaved head.

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