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Jay’ Tron Guy’ Maynard is the result of a happy crossing of the ways with the man himself. Jay is a cosplayer turned zombocalypse survivor armed with a remington 870 and a metal throwing disc.
For those of you not aware what this mini is about. Jay is basically a fan of Tron who decided to make his own costume for cosplaying at cons etc. and put photos up on his website. Now there were a couple of issues that this led to, the first is that the costume was fairly skin tight and the econd is that Jay is not exactly svelte. The internet did what the internet does and Jay could have just passed into the night as a guy the internet made fun of for 5 minutes. The reason he didn’t is that he turned out to be a pretty cool guy and joined in with the ribbing and became a minor celebrity for a while. If you’re very lucky you can still see him at conventions 🙂
So this email exchange led to me asking him if he minded us making a mini of him, and not only didn’t he mind, but he when I mentioned that I’d like it to be a sort of cosplayer after the zombocalypse, instead of looking at me like I was a nutter, he came back with the awesome reply of “Nothing about a zombie apocalypse a remington shotgun can’t solve”. And so ‘Jay’ was born.

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