HFH088 Lord Ulthrak

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Lord Ulthrak, worshipper of the Dark Gods, leader of the Kran’duin Horde. Armed with a mightly battleaxe, bedecked in rune-engraved Darksteel armour and wearing an embossed leather greatcloak.
Ulthrak is our heaviest standard mini yet, even heavier than Volk due to his scenic base. He’s also one of our largest, only fitting 5 to a mouls. He comes in 5 parts, main body, left leg, head, axe hand and scenic base. He is supplied with a standard 25mm slotted base but if you’d like a 30mm liped base just mention it in the comments and we’ll pop one in free of charge 🙂
Painted version by Andy ‘Belly’ Wedmore

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