HFL506 Resin Master – Ogre Armature w Commercial License

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Something different from us here. Kev was in the middle of making an Ogre and as most of you know he sculpts almost literally from bones upwards. As he go to the mostly fleshed out armature stage a coupel of people expressed an interest in getting the armature ‘as is’. After a bit of hming and ahhing we decided to give it a shot.
This is a resin ‘master’ casting of the Ogre armature, direct from Kev’s green.
This Armature comes with a ‘single use, full figure’ commercial license. This means you may use it to make a monster of any kind and sell castings of that monster as you wish, what you cannot do is recast the armature itself or cut it up and sell parts etc. We will give you a full copy of the commercial license with the casting. If anything is confusing please ask us before purchase 🙂

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