Powered Armour – Robotic Arms Sprue

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The Grymn Powered Armour Troopers come in a variety of styles. Available to pick and choose separately there are also some variants that are standard and can be bought as complete models.
This is a robotic arm sprue containing two extended shoulders and 2 sci-fi gun arms.
Please Note: This is ‘just’ the robotic shoulder and arm sprue, it does not come with a body.
They were digitally designed and sculpted by John Bear Ross and the straight line work and fine detail is superb!
JBR has a background in 15mm work and thus this sprue was made with the idea that it could make the Grymn bodies double as 15mm mechs for those of you out there into the smaller scale 🙂 It can also be combined with the assault backpack sprue below to make a considerably more heavily armoured mech!

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