HFSF139R Resin Master – Archbaron Drumpf Spaceclad

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Archbaron Gloosus von Drumpf is an overlord of the Akulian Empire. While he rules with a tiny iron fist he is not respected and keep his power by sheer ruthlessness. His corpulent form is prime breeding ground for the many disease on his desert planet and he is forced to spend daily treatments floating in his healing tank to try to keep ahead of them. Due to this practise, and the many workers, nurses and slaves that have seen it, the most popular insult whispered around the slums of the city roughly translates to “As smart as his penis is large”. Seen here naked and floating.

Note: He doesn’t always stay attached to the tab, as he’s a floating figure this is not a defect the tab is there for moulding only 🙂

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