HFM024R Resin Master – Battle Chip

£10.00 +VAT

Chip’ is the nickname given to the rather unique animal belonging to the family of Jakevim the Swine. The size of a small Direwolf but with the build and features of a more domestic animal, nobody outside of the family is quite sure where the animal came from, and the family aren’t telling.
What ‘is’ known is that Chip is fiercely loyal to the family and, while docile in play, is deadly in battle. Recently he has allowed one of the children, Angme, to begin riding him. It remains to be seen how that plays out. He is seen here bedecked in battle armour.
17mm to the top of his head and 27mm in length, he represents an animal approximately 3ft in height and 5ft in length and very muscular.

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