HFA153R Resin Master – Joanne

£12.50 +VAT

Joanne ‘Jo Jo’ Kimber survived the Zombocalypse almost entirely by following one simple rule – ‘Everything dies if you hit it hard enough’. Not to be confused with her fellow britpunk ‘Joe’, also a fan of the ‘baseball bat to the noggin’ approach.
This figure came about as an off the cuff challenge Kev started on his FB artist’s page to genderswap two of our existing figures.
This is a Limited Editio n Resin ‘Master Casting’ of Joanne, the standard white metal version (when available) can be found below. These Master Castings are strictly limited to however many we can get out of any Master Moulds before they deteriorate. These are about as limited as anything we’ve made and are the closest thing to Kev’s original green as possible so hold the highest level of detail available.

Available on back-order

Due in 3 Weeks
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