HFH167R Resin Master – Peta Skyclad

£10.00 +VAT

Peta, a feral huntress from the Northern forests. The villagers of those lands talk of her in hushed tones but if you listen closely you will find she is talked of more of a protector than a threat. There are worse things in the forest at night than Peta butmaybe none as dangerous. Seen here naked, squatting and carrying twin knives. This is a Limited Editio n Resin ‘Master Casting’ of Peta Skyclad, the standard white metal version (when available) can be found below. These Master Castings are strictly limited to however many we can get out of any Master Moulds before they deteriorate. These are about as limited as anything we’ve made and are the closest thing to Kev’s original green as possible so hold the highest level of detail available.

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)