HFL603R Resin Master – Werewolf Skeleton Dolly

£12.50 +VAT

Here’s an interesting one. Again, very limited.
Basically Kev fancied doing a Werewolf, so we came up with the idea of doing an undead one and a living one. So, of course, Kev took it one step further and started doing an anatomy study from the skeleton upwards. We had some interest in us releasing this, so here it is. It’s four pieces, both arms detach at the shoulder blades and the head/neck is a separate piece. 42mm as posed. We’d be interested in seeing what you guys end up doing with these 🙂
This is one of our premium dollies, technically a resin master and taken directly from a master mould of Kev’s green. They are primarily for sculpting practise but have also been used by customers to simply add their own hair/weapons/equipment and create their perfect miniature. No licensing is implied or given with this dolly.

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