HFA034 Riot Cop Neil

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Coming in at 30mm to eye level, dont worry Kev hasnt succumberd to scale creep….the person who modelled for this character was tall! Neil is a multi-part pack containing one body plus two alternate arm variants. Variant #1 has a baton and riot shield and Variant #2 has a riot gun which can fire tear gas or plastic bullets (well in real life obviously not the 28mm scale figure!) Modelled on and bearing the name of a close friend of ours that actually trains coppers in ‘urban pacification techniques’ he very kindly posed in all his gear for Kev to get some reference pics. so what you are looking at is a very accurate rendition of modern UK police uniform. A nice addition to the other two bobbies in the range, PC Sam Ford(HFA033) and Officer Nick (HFA032).

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