HFH101 Salome Kohn

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Hexenj√§ger Salome Kohn is the embodiment of everything the world ‘knows’ about the Witch Hunters.
Fearless to the extreme, unwavering in her resolve and deadly enough to be the thing that scares the creatures of the dark.
Kohn is seen here armed simply with pistol and sword (as well as an innumerable amount of potions, stakes, wards etc) and dressed in the traditional outfit of the Hunters, with capotain and longcoat.
For those of you who dislike the hat… Kev has been uncommonly nice and created an exclusive resin master of her without the hat below. This variant will ‘not’ be available in metal as we firmly believe that Witch Hunters come with hats and those of you buying the hatless version will be hunted down as the Heretics that you are!)

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