HFH084 Volk the Bastard

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Volk the Bastard, Volk the Mongrel, Volk the Half Breed etc. etc. etc.
Volk is the leader of the Barbarian Tribes of the Eastern Steppes, together with Kalyna, he rules the upper grasslands. Volk is an odd sight amongst the Easterners as they tend towards the rangy and favour horses, while Volk tends towards the brick … outhouse and doesn’t hate horses enough to ride one (Although he has been seen on a chariot during battle). His nicknames derive from the, heavily believed, rumours that he is the offspring of the great Barbarian, Wolf, who himself is believed to have Ogre blood running through his veins. The story of his facial scar is a source of many a campfire rumour.
Armed with a great runeaxe and double-bladed broadsword the heavily muscled barbarian also wears a bearskin cloak to protect against the bitter nights in the region.
Volk is one of our , if not the, most chunky 30mm scale models (35mm tall and ~20mm across the shoulders!). This has to be reflected in his higher price, not only does he use significantly more metal/resin (he wiehgs over 30g) but you literally can’t fit many of him in a mould! 🙂

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