If items in your order are in current stock we aim to pick/pack your orders within 48 hours (weekends excluded). If you have chosen pre-ordered or back-ordered products then your order will be delayed.

Post runs are twice weekly and we drop off at the local Post Office (we like to support our local communities). We aren’t Amazon and we don’t have a team of specially trained fairies to wing your order to you, we cannot physically get your order to you within 24 hours so we ask you to please remember that we are humans 🙂

We ship worldwide and use a combination of Royal Mail First class, Royal Mail Airmail plus a global courier service.

If you place an order which is needed in an extreme hurry then please ensure you either include a comment with the order in the box supplied during the ordering process or send Sally a follow up email and we will make every effort to get it out to you faster.

Please ensure that you have double-checked your shipping address as we ship to the address provided and if it is wrong then you will have to wait for the package to be returned to us before we will re-ship. We also accept no liability if it gets lost on its return to us if the shipping address is wrong

Once your order is in the postal bag you will receive an email confirmation to the email address you used to place the order, if you have selected a tracked service then your tracking number will be included in that email (Please note that the stamped date on your order ‘may’ differ from the date you received your despatch notification as sometimes the postal bag reaches the post office after last collection).

Please be aware that once this part has happened your package is now in the hands of the various mail companies between the HF office and your home. If you are one of our many international customers please be aware that flights can be delayed, packages can be rerouted or customs in your country can decide your order needs to be x-rayed, poked, prodded and sniffed by dogs for a few days before being allowed to continue the journey, don’t also forget strikes. This is why we ask you to allow 21 ‘working’ days for delivery before asking us where your package is.

Obviously the vast majority of packages will arrive much sooner than this but that is the legal amount of time before we can make any kind of postal loss investigation with our mailing companies. We very much appreciate your patience in such matters 🙂

One thing this shiny new website has enabled us to do is to enter individual pack weights for each catalogued item. This means that as you add items to your basket it provides a running weight total which it then uses to calculate your shipping costs based on wherever you are in the world. We think this is the fairest method as we used to run at a postal loss on some of the heavier items in the range before this website was up and running.

We have used a shipping price matrix where we have entered prices from Royal Mail and various courier services to ensure you pay the lowest price for your shipping. Unlike many online sellers we do not make a profit on shipping charges.

You will have an option at checkout to select a tracked / insured service. This option has been priced based on the charges imposed on us for that service. Customers in Italy, Spain, Mexico and Greece are advised to select ‘International Signed For’ as these are the countries that are most likely to lose items. We reserve the right to refuse to supply a customer who refuses to choose tracked options for their orders and repeatedly makes claims that they are lost.

We always obtain a ‘Certificate of Posting’ for everything that leaves us.

We endeavour not to part-ship orders. If your order has back-ordered or pre-ordered items then the entire order will ship when complete.

Our website has an automated stock system that will not allow you to add an item to your cart if we do not have the item noted in current stock. The exception to this is some resin codes that can be on as back-ordered and pre-ordered items that you can add to your cart but as stated above the order will not ship unless all items are in stock. If a multipack is comprised of a number of single codes and one of these codes is out of stock then you will not be able to add the pack.

As with all systems, sometimes errors may occur where something is noted as being in stock but has vanished when we come to pack your order. Should this happen we will contact you and ask whether you want us to hold onto the order until is it complete (we will advise you of a date at this time) or ship the order as a part order, refunding back to your account for the cost of the missing item.

Returns of un-opened and un-assembled items will be accepted within 14 days of the original delivery. If the item to be returned is as a result of an error on our part or is defective then we will reimburse your shipping costs to you along with the goods value. We will do this within 48 hours of the goods being returned to us. We advise you to ensure you obtain a certificate of posting for any items returned as we will not refund on any order where we physically do not have the goods even if you say you have posted them. We will refund any amounts to you by the same method that you used to pay for your order.

If the item is returned for any other reason you are responsible for paying the return shipping amount. When we reimburse the order value to you we reserve the right to retain any payment processing charges that we have incurred for your order.

Please contact us prior to returning an item so that we can inform you of any procedural changes.